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Questions for RFP

Questions Received 3/9/2017:

  1.  You reference in the RFP that “the peer reviewers will not reside in or have connections to Nebraska.  Are there any the peer reviewers who reside in or have a connection in Iowa? 

  2.  On  the first page of the RFP, under eligible applicant must meet the following requirements, section 1, it states:

“The services must be available and operated within local communities.  Employees and management of the successful bidder will be a majority of individuals with disabilities, including an assurance that the center will have  a board that is the principal governing board of the center, a majority of which must be composed of individuals with significant disabilities as directed by 34 CFR 366.60 (a) and who reside in the counties served.  Why is “and who reside in the counties served” a stipulation for the grant?  We cannot find anything that has the requirement that the Board of Directors for the CIL must reside in the counties served by the CIL.”

Under 34 CFR 366.60 (a) we do not see this as a requirement for compliance and in fact, we find   b) An applicant that meets the requirements of paragraph (a) of this section is eligible to apply as a new center under §§ 366.24 or 366.36 if it -(2) Proposes the expansion of an existing center through the establishment of a separate and complete center (except that the governing board of the existing center may serve as the governing board of the new center) at a different geographical location; and (3) Meets the requirements of § 366.24.


  1.  The NE SILC is aware that having reviewers from Iowa would pose a conflict of interest since one of the Centers in Nebraska also runs a Center for Independent Living in Iowa.  Therefore, none of the reviewers are from Iowa.  Reviewers are coming from Kansas.

  2. The NE SILC recognizes that the service needs across the state vary by location.  Nebraska includes large metropolitan cities and wide expanses of the state that are regarded as frontier (defined by “having a population density less than 6 persons per square mile within the service area; and with respect to which the distance or time for the population to access care is excessive”).[1] The wide variance of population density and the corresponding services that are available look very different.  Therefore, members of the NESILC believe that membership of the Center for Independent Living’s Governing Board need to be from the communities served to insure the needs of people with disabilities are made aware to Center leadership.  It is our intent that this structure will most likely help to make certain that the needs of people with disabilities in these counties are provided.  While a separate governing Board may not be required under 34CFR 366.60 and the allocation of Part C federal Independent Living funds, the members of the NESILC can require this preference as part of the RFP since funding comes from Part B Independent Living Funds.

Questions Received 3/15/2017:

  1. Will applicants for the RFP will have access to all submitted proposals?

  2. And, will applicants for the RFP have access to the subsequent scoring of those submitted proposals?


The grants will be scored by a committee composed of Center for Independent Living Directors and the Director of the SILC in Kansas.  The scoring committee will share all proposals with the NE SILC and the corresponding scores.  Members of the NESILC who have ties to this process will be asked to recuse themselves during any discussions.

As is standard practice with a competitive grant process, the applicant will not have access to all submitted proposals nor the scoring of those proposals.  However, the applicant will be provided their score and any feedback will be provided by the grant review committee.  

Question Received 3/20/2017

  1. Could you explain disability in relation to employee and the Board?

  2. Can you tell me what your definition, or how disabilities would be defined for the purpose of applying and/or receiving this grant?  


The requirements can be found in Section 725 c 1 of the Rehab Act and if you need further information you can go to:   


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